Wabbitemu makes your NumWorks calculator behave like a TI-84!

How to install

It’s pretty simple:

  1. Download wabbitemu.nwa
  2. Get your hands on a ROM file.
  3. Head to NumWorks’ app loader to install


The controls are pretty obvious for the most part. Here’s the list of those that aren’t:

TI keys NumWorks
mode Square root
stat Exponential
window Imaginary
zoom Pi
trace x10x
graph OK
math Toolbox
(-) Ans

Note: Some keys are not mapped at all: APPS, PRGM, CLEAR, INVERSE, STO and ON.

Known bugs

Some calculators might not be emulated properly, if at all.

How to get a ROM file

You are not allowed to use a ROM file of a device you do not own. If you own a TI calculator, there are some free tools you can use to dump its ROM to your computer. You probably also can find ready-made ROM files on the Internet.