Playa is a video player for NumWorks! With this app, you can load a video on your calculator and play it!

How to install

It’s pretty simple:

  1. Download playa.nwa
  2. Download a movie in the right format. To start, you can use this sample video.bin file.
  3. Head to NumWorks’ app loader to install

How to generate your own video file?

This video player cannot play every video file format. Actually, it only supports one: MJPEG. But don’t worry, it’s pretty easy to convert any video to this format on your computer using the excellent ffmpeg.

Assuming you have a input.mp4 file you would like to convert, here is the command you would need to use:

ffmpeg -i input.mp4 \
  -vf scale=320:240,setsar=1:1,fps=15 \ # Resize video to [email protected]
  -t 00:00:10 \ # Only keep the first ten second
  -vcodec mjpeg \ # Use the MJPEG codec

This command will convert your input.mp4 file into a output.mjpeg one. Then you can simply uplad the playa.nwa along with the output.mjpeg video from NumWorks’ installer.