Peanut-GB is a Game Boy emulator. Do you want to play your original Game Boy cartridge on your NumWorks calculator? This is the app for you!

How do i use it?

This app requires a digital copy of a Game Boy cartridge to work. Think of this app as a virtual Game Boy console: in order to play, you’ll also need a virtual cartridge! Don’t worry though, it’s super easy to get going:

  1. Download peanutgb.nwa
  2. Get a Game Boy ROM file on your computer. For example, you can use this free ROM file.
  3. Plug your NumWorks calculator to your computer using an USB cable
  4. Head to NumWork’s app loader
  5. Select the peanutgb.nwa file and then (or any other .gb file)
  6. Click install

How do I play?

It’s quite obvious, given how the NumWorks’ keypad looks just like a Game Boy’s. Anyway, here’s a list:

Game Boy controls NumWorks
Arrow Arrows
A Back
Select Shift
Start Backspace

Those hotkeys will modify the behavior of the emulator:

Key Behavior
1 Use the original Game Boy color palette
2 Use a pure grayscale palette
3 Use an inverted grayscale palette
+ Render on the entire screen
- Render at a 1:1 scale

Moo tip

You will not find any ROM file of official Nintendo games on this site. Even though it’s pretty easy to find some online, keep in mind that you are not allowed to download a ROM file of a cartridge you do not own.